Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recommended Anime - Part.2 --- Trava - Fist planet ---

Alright! I'm back with another recommended anime and this time i tried to pick a fairly unknown show.

Trava - Fist Planet

Two buddies are working as freelancers on their spaceship surveying planets when they come across a life pod with an amnesiac girl inside.
They take her to a planet they were surveying and the action starts.

There is not much of a story or backstory to this show and the episodes are mostly not really connected to each other. They just fight alien bug things in there mech-suits. It has somewhat of an ending but it's pretty strange like the rest of the episodes.

This is another show that doesn't make that much sense just like flcl.
But again it's pretty fun to watch if you don't try to think that hard.
Flcl is much better though. This show also might not be so easy to find not even with torrents.
However I've found it before and if you really want to see it and can't find it leave me a message and i'll see if i can help you out.

<3 Viko

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